the job

As part a co-operative agency, each member takes on two roles. First as an actor and secondly as an agent for the group.

When not on an acting job, each member spends three to four days a month in the agency office. This involves -

  • considering casting breakdowns
  • securing auditions for members
  • maintaining contact with industry professionals
  • marketing the agency and our clients
  • processing new applicants
  • seeing existing clients and new applicants in shows
  • general office and co-op admin


As an actor, you will receive support, encouragement & advice from those around you, creating & implementing a career strategy to suit your own personal objectives. All activities on your behalf are entirely transparent & done in accordance with your own decisions.

For experienced actors, who have previously employed a personal manager, the control &  transparency offered by Stage Centre & other co-ops is often a welcome change.

For actors at the start of their career, Stage Centre can offer a unique opportunity to develop the skills of a successful, proactive actor & an unrivalled understanding of the industry's working mechanisms.

like to apply?

You will need to start by giving us some information about yourself. To do this please click on the link below.



Don't forget to include -

  • details of anything we can see you performing in
  • a few words about why you want to join Stage Centre

It might help to have a browse around the website and find out about our current members.

In the meantime if you have any questions, please do get in contact

020 7607 0872


On receiving your application we consider your suitability both as an actor and as an agent.

If we decide to go forward from there, we will need to see you perform: then we might ask you to come in for an interview followed by a trial day in the office.

If your application is successful you will be offered provisional membership, during which time you will receive training from experienced members of the agency.

Please don't get too discouraged if we don't proceed with your application, it may just be that we already have someone of a similar casting bracket on our books.

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